Do you know someone who may be interested in becoming Catholic?  RCIA is a faith journey of Catechesis and Spirituality.
Do any of the following situations pertain to you?
 - Do you have any non-baptized adults in your family or among your friends?
 - Are there any Catholics in your family who have never received their First Communion and Confirmation?
 - Are there any inactive, hurt, disillusioned, or fallen away Catholics among your family or friends who have recently
expressed any desire or hope of returning to the Catholic Church?
- Would you like to invite anyone who is “Un-Churched” (but not a member of any church) to join Queenship of Mary Parish and
possibly become Catholic?

If you have said “YES” to any of the above questions… Come with your family and friends and discover for yourselves.
RCIA classes are held on Tuesday evenings.

More information to follow.
To register for RCIA or if you have any questions please call the rectory and talk with Deacon Mike or Father Lamb.